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Find an Adeslas doctor with iSalud directory

With iSalud Adeslas insurance we aim to guarantee you maximum security and peace of mind, because we know that the health of those closest to you is so important. This is why we offer you Adeslas’ extensive medical team, which boasts the country’s most important and prestigious medical specialists and doctors.

Medical directory: Doctors that work together.

More than 43,000 specialists and more than 1,150 medical centres at your disposal.

Thanks to the iSalud Adeslas medical directory, you can easily find the health specialist or hospital that you need.
With Adeslas insurance, you can have maximum peace of mind thanks to one of the most extensive medical teams nationwide. You can locate the nearest medical centre or doctor at any time.
You can also find all the details on the medical records of every health professional and medical centre that will help you decide which best suits your needs.